This content introducts Surgical Mask for covid 19

In general, masks are used by the general public and health care personnel to prevent the spread of infection or illness.Face masks marketed to the general public for general non-medical purposes, such as use in construction and other industrial applications, are not medical devices. Face masks, when they are intended for a medical purpose such as source control (including uses related to COVID-19) and surgical masks are medical devices.


Surgical Face Mask 

Masks are loose fitting and may not provide full protection from breathing in airborne pathogens, such as viruses.

Activated carbon layer helps filter odors of chemicals in dilute concentrations (such as gasoline, oil) .The mask is fixed on the ears by elastic elastic band, making it convenient in case users want to talk but do not want to Take off the mask.

Surgical Face Mask in each box are packed in nylon bags to help prevent dirt from sticking to the mask during storage. Headrest bar to adjust the fit of the mask to the face


– Do not use a respirator for more than 8 hours after collection.

– A mask will be a ‘bacterial nest’ if used repeatedly, which is one of the germs of the respiratory tract.

– Limit talking when wearing a mask.

– The activated carbon layer is designed to filter chemical odors in dilute concentrations. High concentrations vapors / gases are required to use specialized filters and masks.

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